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Rocket Software bought the Universe from IBM

Updated At End

I realized earlier today I referred to Universe as IBM Universe. This more out of habit than anything. As of October 1, 2009, Rocket Software fiinished its acquisition of IBM’s Universe. I learned this only a week ago myself.

So far I am not impressed with Rocket Software. I have twice sent requests for a support account, both times I have gotten no response.

Anyone going to the IBM U2  wiki will find their browser redirected to the rocket software support site. They do have a letter on their site asking customers for patience during the conversion of Universe from IBM to Rocket Software. I will give them the benefit of the doubt on this one. Migrating dev and support for a major product has to be a logistical nightmare. But then I have no emergency right now, so i’m a little more patient.


I received a call from the Director of Support for U2 on Monday. He was able to pinpoint where my problem was. The route I had taken into their website was the problem. And just as I figured I’m supposed to go through my reseller for access.  As a test to see if Rocket is committed to good support they passed with flying colors in my opinion. Once they found there was a problem they worked to find a resolution right away.

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