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Change default remote printer timeout in AIX

Recently we have been having problems with a certain older Printronix printer going down every few days. The AIX print queue would show it down. This would happen after the users replaced the paper.  Even then it would only be when it took a long time to replace paper.

In AIX the default rembak period is 90 seconds. Rembak is the command that actually sends jobs to a remote server (Printer). This can include a print job, status request, cancel job request, or request to kill the queuing. When this particular printer is opened to replace paper it will not answer any requests. Its quite easy to see how the users went past 90 seconds and caused the queue to go down.

One option I found to change the default time out was to add –T60 (60 minutes) behind the piorlfb entry for the printer in /etc/qconfig. Someone had in fact done this in the past and it did not fix the issue. The reason it did not fix the issue is because this flag is ignored if local filtering is done.

The actual fix was to edit the following read-only file:


Change to following line:

 typeset         piorlfb_rbflags=””              # rembak flags


typeset         piorlfb_rbflags=”-T1200″                # rembak flags

Change -T1200 to whatever you wish. This is in seconds. So in this case I chose 20 minutes.  If there is no –T setting it will default to 90 seconds.

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