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Get the old Game filters back for Facebook

Update: 3-12-10

The filters appear to be broken. They still work! The first few items in the filter will show items from the live feed. However if you click down to show older posts the filter works correctly!

Update: 2-9-10

If you are reading this on Facebook instead of on my Blog at WordPress, click on “View Original Post”.. The links will then work correctly. Clicking the links from facebook comes up with a warning saying the link is abusive.

The recent changes Facebook has made to the News Feed has left many people unhappy and missing the filters they had before. In their wisdom Facebook has taken the approach of removing filters to ‘simplify’ things. This makes the News Feed very messy for those who play games. Below is a list of links which can be used to get the old filters back for individual games. These are collected from a DB post by a Facebook User at http://www.facebook.com/help/?question=333960

You can use the tips I posted earlier to put these links directly in your Chrome or Firefox bookmarks bar. I did not make instructions for Internet Explorer. This is because I believe IE has too many security risks to use on a site such as Facebook.

Here are the links:

Cafe World

Castle Age




Happy aquarium

Happy pets

Island paradise

Mafia Wars

Pet Society


Pirates: Rule The Carribean

Sorority Life

Vampire Wars

Zoo World

If you know the Facebook Application ID for your particular game you can create a filter for it with the following format:


In the above URL replace the * with the Application ID. The application ID can be found by going to the application in question, then copying the number found at the end of the URL.

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