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Using the Bookmark Bar with Facebook in Google Chrome

This procedure shows you how to use the Google Chrome Bookmark Bar to get the filters that were lost with the recent FB upgrade. This was done using version (36714). You can also drag and drop the bookmark to the toolbar, this procedure if for those uncomfortable with drag and drop operations.

First make sure your bookmark bar is showing. Below is a picture of what it looks like with the bookmark bar circled (badly) in red:

If you do not have this bar click on the options button (circled in purple above) then click on “Always show bookmarks bar”.

To put an item in the bookmark bar

  • First go the website you wish to bookmark.
  • Then click the star in front of where the website address is.
  • In the screen that comes up you can change the Name blank if you don’t like how its labled.
  • In the folder blank make sure it says ‘Bookmarks bar’
    • If it does not say ‘Bookmarks bar’ click on the down arrow to the right of this blank and click on “Bookmarks bar”
  • Click Close
  • You now have a new Bookmark on your Bookmark Bar. In the second picture you can see the change I just made.
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