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Allow Windows Vista and Windows7 to write to a SAMBA share

Recently I was having a lot of problems getting Samba to work on an AIX6.1 box. I used the install from the AIX Expansion Pack to be sure I was using an IBM approved/tested version. I could see the SMB shares from my windows machine, but I could not write to them. While I was playing around with Samba I discovered the problem was on my workstation O/S, not with Samba. From my Windows7 machine it was not possible to write to the share. From a virtual XP machine I had no problems at all!

After a quick Google Search I found the following article. It has nice screen shots of how to fix this. Below is a summary of the steps if you don’t care about pictures.

  1. Got to Start > Run
    1. Type in secpol.msc
    2. Hit enter
    3. Click on “Local Policies” > “Security Options”
      1. Navigate to “Network Security: LAN Manager authentication level”
      2. Double-click on it.
      3. Change the drop down arrow to “LM and NTLM – use NTLMV2 session securely if negotiated”.
      4. Reboot your machine.

I have used the above procedure successfully on both Windows Vista and Windows7 machines. Supposedly version 3 supports NTLMv2 authentication making this unnecessary. However I was unable to get that working and didn’t have more time to devote to this issue.

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