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Setup sflow on a Juniper EX switch for WUG

Here are the steps to setting up a Juniper EX-3200 series switch to send sflow data to WhatsUp Gold (WUG) Flow Monitor. Technically its the same for procedure for any flow monitor, I’m just doing it for WUG in this instance.

  1. Log into the switches CLI.
  2. Enter edit mode by typing “edit” and hit “Enter”
  3. First the SNMP community must be set. This will be set as read only, in this instance I do NOT want WUG to have configuration capabilities.
    1. Type: set snmp community sflowtest authorization read-only
      1. **Replace “sflowtest” with the community name you wish to use.
      2. Also make sure this community name has been added as a credential in WUG.
  4. Now we will enter the collector information:
    1. Type: set protocols sflow collector udp-port 9999
      1. Change the ip address to the IP address of the WUG flow collector.
      2. By default WUG collects sflow data via udp-port 9999, which is not the default UDP port used by Juniper.
    2. Now to change the default polling interval to 10 seconds and sample rate to 500.
      1. Type: set protocols sflow polling-interval 10 sample-rate 500
    3. Finally set the interfaces you want flows collected from:
      1. Type: set protocols sflow interfaces ge-0/0/12.0
        1. Do the above for each interface you need flows collected from.
  5. Now commit the changes:
    1. Type: commit check
      1. Even though this was a simple configuration I ALWAYS do a commit check!!!
    2. Type: commit confirmed 1
      1. Again, even on simple configuration changes I play it safe. If the changes I am about to commit do cause a problem they will be rolled back in one minute.
    3. Type: commit
      1. Finally I do a commit before the one minute time is done.
  6. If you wait a minute or two you should see the switch show in the WUG Flow Monitor.
  7. In the WUG Flow Monitor you may have to go into the source properties and put a check in  “Collect data from this source”.
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  1. March 16, 2010 at 11:43


    Scrutinizer from plixer.com also accepts sFlow v2, v4 and v5 as well as most versions of NetFlow and it integrates with WhatsUp Gold.

    The reporting in Scrutinizer is a big advantage.


  2. Ken Santema
    March 16, 2010 at 12:32

    Good point Jake. I actually have it on my to-do list to demo the product. I played around with Scrutinizer a while back, but haven’t looked seriously yet. WUG’s reporting of Flow data is definitely lacking.

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