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Tool spotlight: WIMI

Today I thought I would put a spotlight on a favorite online tool: WhatIsMyIP.com (WIMI). At its core this site serves a very simple and important task by showing what your public IP is. Simply go to the website and it automatically shows your IP address. If you are behind a proxy server it will also let you know that.

But getting information about your public IP is just the beginning of this sites usefulness. I won’t go through everything but here are some highlights:

  • Information. Every tool/section of the website has some good basic networking information available. Anyone looking to learn more about basic network concepts would do well to browse this site.
  • Internet Speed Test: Find out your true upload and download speeds. I wouldn’t use this just once, try it at different times of the day to see how your ISP’s load differs. An alternate I sometimes use for this is the speakeasy speed test, it’s powered by the same ookla code.
  • IP Address Lookup: This will give the physical location of an IP address, most of the time. Because of where this data is captured it may be incorrect, it really depends on who the ISP is and how they maintain their database.
  • IP WHOIS Lookup: This gives information about an IP address owners. This is not the same as an IP address lookup, in fact the information here will likely be completely different.
  • Host Name Lookup: Basically this does a reverse-IP lookup, so you can see if a DNS host name exists for an IP.
  • Email Trace: This is a not a tool to trace an email, however it has some basic steps to help do this yourself. The IP Address Lookup, IP WHOIS Lookup and Host Name Lookup can all be used when trying to find the source of an internet communication.
  • Forum: I haven’t been in the forums there much, but it does seem to be a very helpful forum with some good information.

As I mentioned this is one of my favorite websites. Its quick, uncluttered, and has great tools/information.

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