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Windows 7 does have a Run option

I just had a colleague who was complaining because the “run” option was missing from the Start Menu in Windows 7. It took me a moment to figure out what he meant, since I use the feature constantly to open command prompt windows. Then I realized it was no longer called “Run”. Instead it is now called “Search programs and files”.

This is a great little feature. If you type in a command that would have previously worked in “Run”, it will bring up the exactly same thing it did then. Just type in the name of what you are opening and hit enter. Here are some examples of items open from here:

  • cmd – Command prompt
  • mmc – Microsoft Management Console
  • mstsc – Microsoft Terminal Service Client (remote desktop)
  • word – MS Word
  • excel – MS Excel

In addition you can search files and documents here. For instance if you type the word “test” it will search all files, documents, and outlook messages where the word ‘test’ is included. I haven’t used this feature much, but from playing around it seems to work very well.

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