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Setup Ricoh Printer in AIX

Previously I had posted the steps for installing Ricoh print drivers in AIX. Now I will list the steps I use to actually setup the RICOH printers in AIX.

This uses an MP 171 as an example. This document assumes the driver is already installed and you have the rights to do this.

  1. Type “smit” at the command line on the AIX box and hit ENTER
  2. Go to ‘Print Spooling’ and hit ENTER
  3. Go to ‘AIX Print Spooling’ and hit ENTER
  4. Go to ‘Add a Print Queue’ and hit ENTER
  5. Highlight ‘remote’ and hit ENTER
  6. Highlight ‘Local filtering before sending to print server’ and hit ENTER
  7. Highlight ‘RICOH’ and hit ENTER
  8. Highlight the printer type in question and hit ENTER
    1. In this case I am installing an MP 171
    2. If the printer is not listed you must install the printer driver then come back to this procedure.
  9. Enter the following information for the print queue:
    1. PCL name: DNS name you gave the printer
    2. Hostname: DNS name you gave the printer
    3. Queue name: lp
    4. Hit ENTER
  10. After successfully adding the printer you should get a good confirmation.
  11. Hit F3 2 times to the AIX Print Spooling menu
  12. Choose “Change / Show Print Queue Characteristics”
  13. Put the queue name in the blank and hit ENTER
  14. Highlight ‘Default Print Job Attributes’ and hit ENTER
  15. Change the cpi and portrait settings as needed.
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Install Ricoh Driver on AIX Server

June 8, 2010 5 comments

Installing print drivers for Ricoh devices in an AIX environment is a breeze. Ricoh has provided drivers that can be managed through SMIT. If the SMIT drivers do not work you can use a different method that is included with the drivers README. So far I have used the following steps to install print drivers for the Ricoh models MPC5000, MPC3300 and MP171.

  1. Download the driver
    1. Go to the RICOH USA Software Download website
    2. Down at the very bottom of the page  there is a section called “Other available environments”. Click on UNIX.
    3. Insure the printer model is in the supported list.
    4. Click on “Go to Download”
    5. Fill out the registration page
    6. Download the driver for the appropriate printer.
    7. Install the driver
      1. On the AIX box copy the file to /opt
      2. Install the tar file with the command
        tar –xvf filename.tar
      3. The driver will install in /opt/RICOH
      4. Go into /opt/RICOH
      5. Run the following command:
      6. Hit spacebar to go through the EULA
      7. Type Y and hit enter to accept the EULA
      8. Type Y and hit enter to choose SMIT
      9. The driver is now installed.
      10. You can now setup the printer in SMIT as you would other printers.
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Allow Windows Vista and Windows7 to write to a SAMBA share

February 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Recently I was having a lot of problems getting Samba to work on an AIX6.1 box. I used the install from the AIX Expansion Pack to be sure I was using an IBM approved/tested version. I could see the SMB shares from my windows machine, but I could not write to them. While I was playing around with Samba I discovered the problem was on my workstation O/S, not with Samba. From my Windows7 machine it was not possible to write to the share. From a virtual XP machine I had no problems at all!

After a quick Google Search I found the following article. It has nice screen shots of how to fix this. Below is a summary of the steps if you don’t care about pictures.

  1. Got to Start > Run
    1. Type in secpol.msc
    2. Hit enter
    3. Click on “Local Policies” > “Security Options”
      1. Navigate to “Network Security: LAN Manager authentication level”
      2. Double-click on it.
      3. Change the drop down arrow to “LM and NTLM – use NTLMV2 session securely if negotiated”.
      4. Reboot your machine.

I have used the above procedure successfully on both Windows Vista and Windows7 machines. Supposedly version 3 supports NTLMv2 authentication making this unnecessary. However I was unable to get that working and didn’t have more time to devote to this issue.

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Change default remote printer timeout in AIX

November 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Recently we have been having problems with a certain older Printronix printer going down every few days. The AIX print queue would show it down. This would happen after the users replaced the paper.  Even then it would only be when it took a long time to replace paper.

In AIX the default rembak period is 90 seconds. Rembak is the command that actually sends jobs to a remote server (Printer). This can include a print job, status request, cancel job request, or request to kill the queuing. When this particular printer is opened to replace paper it will not answer any requests. Its quite easy to see how the users went past 90 seconds and caused the queue to go down.

One option I found to change the default time out was to add –T60 (60 minutes) behind the piorlfb entry for the printer in /etc/qconfig. Someone had in fact done this in the past and it did not fix the issue. The reason it did not fix the issue is because this flag is ignored if local filtering is done.

The actual fix was to edit the following read-only file:


Change to following line:

 typeset         piorlfb_rbflags=””              # rembak flags


typeset         piorlfb_rbflags=”-T1200″                # rembak flags

Change -T1200 to whatever you wish. This is in seconds. So in this case I chose 20 minutes.  If there is no –T setting it will default to 90 seconds.

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