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MS Forecaster locked for maintenance

January 11, 2011 Leave a comment

This is kind of a weird one, so thought I would post in case I have to Google it again.

Today I had a user posting budget periods in MS Forecaster 7. While doing that the computer had locked up and he had to reboot. After rebooting nobody could get write access because the following message came up:

The system is currently locked for maintenance. Contact the Microsoft Forecaster Administrator for further information.

I found some references to this in MS KB962792 and a few other articles, but nothing that actually helped. The actual fix to the issue was easy:

  • Go into Forecaster client (not the web interface) as an administrator.
  • Click OK to the Maintenance message.
  • Go to “Tools” > “Recovery”
  • You will get a nasty message saying you better mean to do this or it may cause inconsistencies. Click “Yes”.
  • Click to re-index.
  • Wait and hope it fixed the problem.

After doing this users were once again able to log into forecaster.

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